End of the Week Tip: Improving Contact on Full Swings

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Putting and short game may be the fastest way to take a few strokes off your game, but developing a consistent full swing to improve your ball striking can give you lasting results and more consistently lower scores.

One key ingredient that is required to be a good ball striker is the ability to hit the ball in the center of the clubface more often than not.  Here are some tips to help you find the sweet spot more often:

·       Fundamentals at address.  A good golf swing always starts with good fundamentals before the swing.  Grip, aim, stance, and posture are the main fundamentals to focus on before you swing.  If you are unsure about one or more of those fundamentals, find a PGA professional that teaches in your area or contact me and learn to start practicing those fundamentals the right way.

·       Start small.  Most players that miss the center of the clubface can be accused of over-swinging.  It’s easy to watch the club and how far it goes back, but more importantly you should note how far your upper and lower body turns in the backswing.  A great drill is to put your feet together to reduce lower body rotation and make swings focusing on hitting the center of the club face. This will make it easier for you to make contact in the center of the club face. You can then gradually add more lower body turn to increase swing speed.

·       Stay connected.  If your arms move away from your body during the swing it is difficult to hit the center of the clubface.  Take a small towel and place it under your left arm.  Using a short iron and a less than 50% swing, hit balls from a tee without dropping the towel.  By keeping the towel under your arm you should start finding it easier to hit the center of the club face.