Having a plan with set goals is the best way to improve your golf game. For long term success, a long term coaching plan is a great way to begin that journey. It is my job to help you find your way in this great game and help you accomplish your goals.

Teaching Philosophy

My goal as a golf instructor is to teach players of all skill levels how to play the game of golf to the best of their abilities. I believe that it is important for my students to know how much I care for them before they know how much I know about the golf swing. I do not believe in a single method for teaching a golf swing. It is my job to determine the method and learning style of each individual student to help them achieve their goals for the game of golf.

I believe that my role as a teacher is not only to teach the golf swing, but to also build trust and motivate my students to try their best. I am a firm believer that all parts of the game are equally important in order for a student to achieve their goals.


The technology that exists in golf is at a level we have never seen before. From the advances in the golf clubs we use, changes to the golf ball, and the many teaching tools available are making golf more enjoyable than ever before. 

I use the latest technology from our equipment manufacturers as well as teaching tools like Trackman, K-Vest, and Sam Putt Lab. You can request special sessions with me on this technology, but I also incorporate all of it in my lessons as we see fit. Click the links to learn more about some of these great tools.



Sam Putt Lab

Here is an example of how K-Vest can help you improve your posture.