End of the Week Tip: Hit It Close and Make More Putts

Every Friday I will be posting some golf tips here on my blog. If you have any questions about your game, or can think of a good topic for future tips, send it to me in an email at tyrus@hpgolfacademy.com or leave a comment below.

Hitting greens in regulation and making putts are constants among winners on the PGA Tour.  Obviously the goal is to get the ball in the hole to make more birdies.  So here are a few thoughts to increase your ability to make birdies by hitting more greens in regulation and sinking the putt:

·       Hit it close.  This one is obvious but many players have an unrealistic expectation for the putts they should make.  From a statistics point of view, any putt outside 8 feet is just as likely to miss as opposed to go in. When you get to 10 feet, more putts are missing than making.  Hitting 18 greens in regulation would be awesome, but if every birdie putt is 20 feet or more, chances are you’re going to miss a lot of putts, and not because you are bad putter.

·       Curve toward the target.  Learning to draw or fade the ball into your target certainly requires a lot of practice. Controlling your swing direction (aka swing path) along with the position of your clubface at impact will create side spin and curve on your shots.  If you find yourself curving the ball too much in one direction, try to intentionally curve the ball the opposite way by swinging in a different direction and changing the clubface position at impact.  A lesson me or another PGA professional will be the most efficient way to make these changes.

·       Discover your putting trends.  When rolling putts on the practice green take note of the putts you are missing.  If the ball keeps missing on the low side of the hole, be sure to play for more break on the course.  If your putts keep coming up short, make a conscious effort to get the ball past the hole.  By quickly identifying your trends, you can just as quickly adjust to increase your chances to make more putts.