spring training

New Spring Training Program and Putting Boot Camp

Take advantage of these limited time offers to get your golf game tuned up and ready to go for summer 2017!


Spring is here and now is the time to get your game in shape for the summer! This 5 session training package is design to cover all facets of the game to get you tuned up and ready for the prime playing months of 2017.

Session #1 - Full Swing for Irons and Approach Shots (45 minutes)

Session #2 - Full Swing for Driver (45 minutes)

Session #3 - Wedges and Short Game (45 minutes)

Session #4 - Putting (45 minutes)

Session #5 - On Course Playing Lesson (90 minutes)

Cost for all players is $390 and includes all 5 sessions.

Schedule you first session by clicking here and selecting "Spring Training" under the Lessons Tab.


Are you sick and tired of being a bad or simply average putter? If so, Putting Boot Camp is designed for you to start making more putts than ever before. This 3 sessions in 3 weeks package is designed to utilize the latest technology and techniques available to quickly improve your putting.

Session #1 - Sam Putt Lab Stroke and Putter Evaluation

Session #2 - Sam Putt Lab Training and Drills

Sessions #3 - On Course and Green Reading

All sessions are 45 minutes and must be used within 3 weeks of your first session.

Cost is $190 and includes all sessions.

Schedule you first session by clicking here and selecting "Putting Boot Camp" under the Lessons Tab.