How K-Vest Can Improve Your Game

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K-Vest uses 3D motion technology to capture the movement of your body and the club to evaluate and train the efficiency of your swing.

K-Vest is different than Trackman as K-Vest is measuring the entire swing where Trackman is only measuring impact and ball flight.  With these two tools combined, along with good old fashioned 2D video, I can get to the bottom of any particular fault that may be facing a player because of swing mechanics.

Not only does K-Vest help me diagnose what the problem may be, it also allows me to train my students by using the live biofeedback training software included in the system.  Long story short, when using K-Vest and attempting to make a particular correction in the swing, K-Vest will play music when you achieve the desired position.

This comes very handy when working with a player’s posture.  Posture is already very difficult for players to work on because they can’t see it.  By getting the extra feedback from K-Vest it becomes much easier for players of any level to get in the correct posture.

Many of you have already experienced what K-Vest can do for you and your game.  I’m very excited to have another winter to train many of you using K-Vest.

I use K-Vest throughout the course of a normal lesson as I see fit or at the request of the student.  However, for only $45 you can schedule a 30 minute session where I will put you on K-Vest for an evaluation and/or let you train using the live biofeedback.  This will work great for players that may take lessons from other instructors or for my current students that would simply like to spend more time having supervised training at a lower cost.

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