Today only you can contact me and purchase 2 lessons for only $125! The lessons must be used by March 1, 2018.  

You can use the lessons for yourself or give them away as a gift. Lessons are limited to two specials per person (4 lessons total) and must be used by the expiration date.

The lessons are 45 minutes each and the time can be used for any of the following lesson types: full swing, short game, putting, K-Vest training, iron fitting, or Sam Putt Lab training. 



Take advantage of this special by contacting me TODAY ONLY by emailing me at, or by calling or texting me at 859-274-6558.

You can swing by the High Performance Golf Academy this afternoon to pay by cash or check, or you can simply respond with the following credit card information:

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If you wish to pay over the phone just call and leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP.

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End of the Week Tip: Improve Lower Body Stability

Lower body stability during a full swing is crucial in making solid, consistent contact with the ball. Tour players are great examples of how stability is key to a repeatable swing. How many times have you ever seen a Tour player lose balance on a normal full swing?  

Here are a few tips to help you maintain lower body stability and make solid contact with the ball:

·       You must begin with good balance in the setup to have a stable lower body.  Use an athletic posture with your knees slightly bent for balance.  Not sure if you’re balanced?  While in your posture just before you swing, lift your toes up off the ground. Then move your weight forward so your heels come off the ground.  The last step is to gently put your heels down and stop shifting your weight when you feel pressure on the balls of your feet, just behind your toes.

·       Limit lower body rotation on your backswing.  If stability is an issue, then there’s a good chance you turn your lower body away from the target too much on the backswing.  Ideally, your lower body should turn no more than 45 degrees when at the top of the backswing.  Having trouble getting the feel of a proper lower body turn?  I use 3D motion technology like K-Vest to help my players find the proper lower body turn.

·       Always end with a good, balanced finish.  There’s a reason why all the best ball strikers on Tour hold the famous pose at the end of every full swing.  If you can maintain your balance to your finish, chances are you remained stable enough in your lower body throughout the swing to hit a good golf shot.  As a general rule, I have my students hold their finish with their weight on their lead leg and body facing the target for at least 3 seconds after every shot.

FREE Winter Coaching Seminar for Junior Golfers

Join me on Monday October 19th at 6 pm for a free Winter Coaching Seminar designed to help you learn more about the tools and methods I use to improve junior golfers in the winter months.

This FREE seminar is open to anyone that is interested in learning about the importance of winter training and what it takes to reach the next level of competitive golf. It is ideal for players that are new to the academy and would like to learn more about what we do before committing to a long term coaching plan.

I will give live demonstrations on how I use 3-D motion technology like K-Vest to evaluate and train my students. You will also see how I use Sam Putt Lab to evaluate and train putting ability.

Please RSVP by email,

When: October 19th at 6 pm (seminar will last about 90 minutes)
Where: High Performance Golf Academy
Cost: FREE

For a list of my rates and coaching packages for this winter click here.

A Message to High School Golfers

For those of you playing high school golf in the state of Kentucky, the regional tournament has just concluded. You either find yourself making plans to play in next week's state tournament or your high school season has officially come to an end.

First of all, congratulations to the those that are state tournament bound! That is a huge accomplishment and is one of the tougher things to do in our sport. You have also extended your high school golf season by one week so I hope you make the most of it!

The rest of you are now faced with what to do next. For the seniors, hopefully you can continue playing competitive golf at the next level or at a minimum are excited to take whatever your next step in life may be.

The remainder of this message is for all underclassmen that may be looking to improve for next season.

You may not have made the state tournament, but this does not mean it is time to take "a break" from golf for a while. If you plan to be competitive it is in your best interest to get right back out there and continue to practice and play. 

The next several weeks will bring ideal golf weather in our state (although right now isn't the best, but still playable!). You will have plenty of time to take a break when December, January, and February roll around.

In most cases, the reason you're not going to the state tournament is because the players that made it are better than you. They're going to be practicing and playing for at least one more week so you might as well do the same so you don't fall farther behind!

Just because there are no more matches or high school tournaments, there are still tournaments coming up that are unaffiliated with high school golf. Check for local section events as well as the AJGA, Hurricane Tour, IJGT, and any other junior tours that continue to operate year round.

The last, and most important thing you need to do now that your season is over is settle on a coaching plan for the winter. There are numerous instructors out there that can help you achieve your goals. Golf is an extremely difficult sport and it is even more difficult to improve your game on your own.

Over the last 10 years I have had the opportunity to work with several middle and high school players that have worked hard and gone on to qualify for the state tournament. If you don't have a coach, be sure to check out my coaching plans for this year.

Remember that you can always get to work now and make 2016 your best golf year ever!!