End of the Week Tip: Dealing with Fast Greens

Watching the best players in the world navigate their way around Augusta National during The Masters is one of my favorite times of year. I especially enjoy watching how they handle the famously firm and fast greens during the year's first major.

We may not experience greens as difficult as the ones during the Masters, but there are a few times a year where the greens you play can get firm and fast.  Check out these tips for the next time you are dealing with firm, fast greens.

·       Consider your options when approaching the green.  Creating spin depends more on your lie than anything else.  If playing from the rough where more grass can get between the clubface and the ball, you are less likely to create the necessary spin to hold the green.  In this case your best bet would be to find a landing area short and try getting your ball to roll up to the green.

·       Your grooves matter.  Old, worn out grooves will not help you create spin.  The function of grooves is to channel away any debris that can get between your ball and the clubface so that you get more friction.  New, clean grooves will help you create the most friction and the most spin.

·       Consider a heavier putter on faster greens.  Several putters on the market now have adjustable weight technology that allows you to add or take weight away from the putter head.  A heavier putter head will help you make slower swings which will be needed on fast greens.  Just make sure when you make the change that you spend a little extra time on the practice green getting the feel for your putter and the green.