End of the Week Tip: Be Creative and Have Fun!

Creativity on the golf course will not only improve your score, it will make the game of golf more fun and exciting. Hopefully every drive is in the middle of the fairway and every approach is very close to the hole. However, the chances are that you experience some trouble every once in a while that requires you to use your brain to escape it.

Here are a few things to consider when trying to get creative on the course:

·       Consider the risk vs. reward.  I like to think of the worst case scenario when attempting a high risk shot and make sure I’ll be comfortable with myself if it happens.  That frees up any anxiety the shot could create and gives me my best chance to succeed. If the worst case is too much to handle then it may not be a good idea to attempt the shot.

·       Practice creativity on the range.  The best place to discover the different shots you can hit is on the driving range.  I’m a big proponent of having always attempted any given shot in practice before using in a round of golf.  A great way to practice your creativity on the range is to choose a target between 100-125 yards away, and practice hitting every club in your bag to that target. Then practice intentionally curving the ball and controlling your trajectory to hit high and low shots.   Do this with every club in the bag and you’ll find that there a few clubs in there that are easier to control which means they can be your go-to clubs on the course.

·       Practicing on the course.  Without delaying pace of play, it’s always a good idea when you’re on the course in a non-competitive round to practice your creativity.  Challenge your friends to a contest of who can pull off the wildest, most creative shot on the course.  The possibilities are endless so get creative and have fun!