End of the Week Tip: Make the Most of Your Putting

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Making good contact on full swings is a skill that improves as the overall skill of the golfer improves.  But being able to get the ball in the hole with the putter is a skill that anyone of any skill level can master.

Here are a few tips to improves your putting:

·      Hit it solid.  The biggest reason golfers struggle controlling the speed of their putts is their impact point on the putter face changes too often.  The sweet spot in the center of the putter is ideally where you want impact.  Increase your chances to hit solid putts in the sweet spot by setting up the same way each time.  When in my posture, I prefer my eyes to be just inside the target line and my arms to be close to my body.

·      Hit your line.  When it comes to executing a putting stroke, every putt is a straight putt.  The ball may curve after it leaves the putter face, but your job is to pick a line and hit it.  Practice hitting your line by using a chalk line on the practice green.  If the green is flat, the ball should roll consistently down your line.

·      Trust your reads.  Green reading is an acquired skill that will only get better the more you apply yourself and gain experience.  The bottom line is that green reading is always going to be an educated guess that will have more than one answer to get the ball in the hole.  Once you are comfortable picking a line, avoid changing it when you address the ball.  If what you see over the ball doesn’t look as good as your original line, step back and reevaluate.