End of the Week Tip: Drain Long Putts

For the average golfer the likelihood of making a putt outside 30 feet in length drops to about 1%.  There are however things that can be done to increase your chances to make, or get very close to making, longer putts. 

·      Make solid contact. This means contacting the sweet spot of the putter with the ball.  Off center hits will not only lack speed, but will most likely roll off your intended line making it nearly impossible to drain long putts.  Use the gate drill where you put two tees in the ground the width of your putter and practice making putting strokes through the tees without hitting them.

·      Control your tempo.  Not every golfer will have the same tempo in their swing, let alone their putting stroke.  For example you may prefer a longer, slower stroke while others prefer shorter and faster strokes.  Find a tempo that feels right to you and practice it with a metronome.  The metronome will help you maintain the same tempo while keeping your stroke in rhythm.

·      Pick a line and commit.  Green reading is an imperfect system, but most golfers are better at reading the greens than they think. Avoid second-guessing your line by changing it at the last second. Once you pick your line, set the putter on that line and go with it. Whether you prefer to putt to a spot or can visualize the curve of the ball to the hole doesn’t matter.  Just pick your line and go.