End of the Week Tip: Improve Your Posture

Winter time can really limit your ability to practice golf the same way you do when it is warm. Sometimes the weather can be so bad that there is no chance of getting out to a course or driving range. 

I believe that you can always be doing something that will improve your game and practicing your posture is certainly one of those things.

Poor posture can lead to several bad golf shots.  If you experience more miss-hits than solid hits, follow these basic guidelines to get your posture on track:

·       Posture is one of hardest things in the world to do correctly because you can’t see yourself in your posture when you play.  A great way to practice is to get in front of a mirror and try to mimic a picture of your favorite Tour player’s posture.  Then close your eyes for a few seconds to enhance the feel of a proper posture.

·       You want your body to be athletic before the swing begins.  Using examples from other sports, like a linebacker in football or a defensive position in basketball, can be a great visual to get your posture stable and more athletic.  Knees bent for balance, shoulders straight versus slouched, and bending from your waist with arms hanging naturally are just a few keys to an athletic posture.

·       Practice your posture separately from your golf swing.  This simply means shifting your focus from making a swing to making sure you have a good posture.  The slightest change in your posture can have a dramatic effect on your results.  When I teach, I enjoy using technology like K-Vest to measure my students and give them the proper feedback needed to fine tune their posture.  You don’t have to have a K-Vest to perfect your posture, but you will need feedback from somebody or something to make sure you are practice the right thing.