Attitude and Putting (eBook Excerpt)

The following is an unedited excerpt from an eBook I am in the process of writing. My hope is to complete the project by this summer. Please leave your feedback in the comments below or contact me via email anytime.

Why do people believe they can’t putt?

There are many reasons that may lead to a golfer believing they are bad at putting. The most obvious reason is they believe they don’t make enough putts.  We are going to discuss that more in the next chapter, but I’ll tell you now that there’s a good chance you are much better than you think you are.

Another reason people believe they can’t putt is because they think it is too difficult. How hard can putting really be? Again it depends on your expectations, but putting is (in my opinion) the easiest part of the game of golf.

PGA Champion Jason Dufner said it best at the 2015 PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit when he explained that he hates putting and why. He said he hates it because it’s so easy his mailman could do it! And you know what? He’s right!

Putting is extremely easy! All you’re expected to do is move your putter a grand total of a couple feet (unlike a the big, full swing of a drive or approach) and roll this little ball toward a hole that is approximately 4 times it’s size.

John C. Maxwell points out in his book The Difference Maker 4 big reasons why people in general are a part of the “can’t” group:

1.     Expecting failure

2.     Personalizing failure

3.     Refusing to take risks

4.     Letting failure defeat them

Bad putters are notorious for expecting to fail. They then personalize that failure by telling themselves they are bad putters.  By refusing to take risks like getting fit for the right putter and seeking professional instruction, bad putters remain in the “can’t” group.  And finally bad putters simply let bad putting rounds defeat them as they accept just how bad of a putter they really are.

Are you sick of hearing about how a bad attitude towards putting is dragging you down and preventing you from becoming the putter you want to be? Me too.

To be continued...